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New client questionnaire

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Have a look at the questionnaire below and fill out as much or as little as you like. None of this information is crucial, I’m just very nosy and I want to get to know you! Once I’ve received it and read over it, I’ll get back to you with an overview of the process and an invitation to make an appointment for a first consultation. I can’t wait to work with you!

Name *
An approximate guess is fine if you haven't set a date yet
It's totally cool if you don't have a theme or colours. You should probably work out a venue though
Particularly the photographer!
Am I being too nosy?
Eg. a piece of jewellery, sentimental additions to your dress, favourite shoes, a particular hairstyle or headwear etc
How do you feel about the following design elements on a wedding dress?
How do you feel about the following design elements on a wedding dress?
"Strongly Agree" = "Absolutely freaking LOVE" "Strongly Disagree" = "Hate with the fire of a thousand suns"
Full Skirts
Short dresses
Long dresses
A train (as in, the long bit at the back, not an actual train)
Colours other than white/ivory
If so, how many and what are you thinking they will wear?
Think about what necklines all your t-shirts have, the shapes of skirts you wear, do your dresses have fitted waists etc etc.
Eg. fit issues etc
Which days of the week or times are better for you