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Hannah's pink wedding dress

Hannah's pink wedding dress - 2014

Wedding photography by James Goff

The Story

Hannah contacted me about a year ahead of her wedding wanting to talk about a custom wedding dress. She said the words I love to hear: "I don't know exactly what I want, but I know I don't want strapless". 

I knew Hannah was a Pinterest fan so I suggested that we set up a secret Pinterest board where we could both pin ideas and photos.

I quickly noticed some common themes - peter pan collars, short sleeves, flowy skirts, and the colour pink! I drew some ideas for her and shared them on our board so she could choose a final design. Her dress ended up being based on this idea:

My first step in designing a new dress is to make a 'toile' - a mock-up dress out of cheap fabric. My toiles are usually pretty hastily constructed and far from what the end product will be, but that's ok. I just need something I can try on the customer to figure out any fitting and design issues.

I was still living in the Philippines when I was working on this, but we were in Sydney over the Christmas break so I squeezed in a first fitting with Hannah on New Year's Day.

I spent a lot of time getting the bodice fit right, and we talked about different design elements like collar size and sleeve length. 

Then I headed back to the Philippines and made another toile based on what we'd talked about, using fabrics that were closer to the real thing, but still not expensive.

I also dyed some silk fabric in different shades of pink for Hannah to choose from.

I packaged up the second toile and the silk samples and sent them to my mum, who did a second fitting with Hannah in Sydney.

Once Hannah had chosen the exact pink she wanted, it was time to buy the 'real fabric' and get it the right colour. Dumping ten metres of expensive, delicate silk and lace into a hot dyebath takes a certain amount of confidence.

Then there's the question of how to dry the thing and keep it clean...

It took a few days of dyeing and drying before I had the colours exactly right. I had to get the lace, silk georgette and silk lining all to the same colour, and they all dye differently. 


Once I was happy with the colours, I started playing with beads for the bodice.


I sent a sample of different beading styles to Hannah, and worked on the skirt while I waited for her decision.

I then spent many, many hours beading while watching Netflix.

After the beading was finished, the rest of the dress came together pretty quickly.

One final fit with Hannah to cut the hem, and we're all done!

From Hannah:

From Hannah's mum, Jeannine:

I first met Ali Dibley through my daughter, Hannah, who was married on October 4th 2014 wearing the exquisite pale pink beaded bodiced gown created by Ali and whose testimonial can be reviewed on this site. As a woman who has dabbled with sewing over the years, one can always tell the quality of a garment by the inside as well as the outside and Ali’s work is exceptional and fine in its detail and construction. As mother of the bride I delighted in the compliments offered to Hannah as she proudly walked down the aisle in this amazingly beautiful and delicate gown. The resounding opinion from Hannah’s guests was that her wedding gown was so refreshingly different and so delicately beautiful. The gasps were audible and many were heard to exclaim “That dress”!