PROMISE AND POSITIONING - Strong headline (a statement or question) and promise.

VIDEO - A letter speaking to your audience, speaking to their pain point, introducing solution and addressing transformation. 

BRIEF CALL TO ACTION - Takes them past everything and straight to the details to buy at the Offer Stack.

BENEFITS, TRANSFORMATION - Bold heading, Claim the space, Description written as solutions to specific problems.

CASE STUDIES, TESTIMONIALS - We didn't have any for this launch, but Tracy could have used others that show her credibility as an online marketing educator, Instagram expert and business mentor from clients and past students from other programs. These could be video or text. 

DELIVERABLES - What's included? Make it as desirable as possible.

BONUSES - Don't oversell these. They should compliment/enhance the main offer. 

OFFER STACK - Restate what's on offer and communicate the value and price.

DECISION DEADLINE - This helps people make a decision, through urgency (limited price, time, numbers). Be authentic here.

GUARANTEE - Help them be comfortable with their decision. Take away fears around risk.

QUALIFIERS - Use this as a beautiful opportunity to attract and repel. You don't want to attract the wrong people. 

This service is perfect for you if:

This service is not for you if:

MEET THE TEAM - A great addition is to include a section where people can see the face(s) behind the product/service/offer. This

builds trust. People buy from people.

FAQ - Overcome objections and resistance.

COMMUNITY - Does your offer come with a community? Can you show your audience size as social proof? Can you show buzz and vibe with screenshots of your happy audience?

OFFER STACK AND DEADLINE - Mirror what was included in your previous offer stack.