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Asha's wedding dress alterations

Asha's wedding dress alterations - 2015

"I first met Ali Dibley through my daughter, Hannah, who was married on October 4th 2014 wearing the exquisite pale pink beaded bodiced gown created by Ali and whose testimonial can be reviewed on this site. As a woman who has dabbled with sewing over the years, one can always tell the quality of a garment by the inside as well as the outside and Ali’s work is exceptional and fine in its detail and construction. As mother of the bride I delighted in the compliments offered to Hannah as she proudly walked down the aisle in this amazingly beautiful and delicate gown. The resounding opinion from Hannah’s guests was that her wedding gown was so refreshingly different and so delicately beautiful. The gasps were audible and many were heard to exclaim “That dress”!

So it was without hesitation that I approached Ali recently, this time as mother of the groom, to help us solve a difficult situation with a store bought gown for my son’s bride to be, Asha for their wedding on March 21st 2015. Asha is a tiny little woman and I relished the opportunity given to me as mother of the groom to support her in the absence of her own mum, who was back home in India. Asha had some cultural restraints, which meant that modesty was an important factor in the style of dress she chose. The dress Asha fell in love with did not meet the criteria for adequate coverage, but based on the promise of the sales lady, who said their own dressmaker would work wonders and make the changes needed to form a sleeve on the strapless gown, it was purchased.

When it came to the crunch, the shop dressmaker did not have the skills to make the changes to the gown as promised at the point of sale. Ali came to the rescue and not only designed a beautiful beaded tulle capped sleeve for the gown, which matched her exquisitely beaded veil, but worked on the many layers of satin and tulle to ensure the hem was appropriate and that this tiny little bride would actually be able to walk and move comfortably in the gown. Ali also fashioned a bustle to hold up the many layers so that Asha was more comfortable and free to move around at the reception.

So, not only did we have two very happy and beautiful brides in their gowns, we approached Ali further at the last minute to make one of the bridesmaid’s dresses. We had two bridesmaid’s dresses made locally, and whilst both of these looked beautiful, after receiving the gorgeous tangerine satin with black lace overlay bridesmaid’s dress that Ali made, I wished she had made all three. The construction of the dress was far superior to the two dresses made locally and, as I stated in my opening, the inside of the dress was so neatly finished with a fully lined bodice that the other two dresses did not have.

It was an absolute pleasure to have Ali working with our girls for both weddings and I have no hesitation in recommending her highly skilled workmanship, design ideas and pleasant, easy going nature to anyone who is fortunate to choose her to make the wedding gown of their dreams. Ali has the wonderful ability to listen carefully to her clients and capture the essence of their dream for that perfect dress."

- Jeannine (mother of the groom)