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Abra's 60s bridesmaids

Abra's 60's bridesmaid dresses - 2013

Wedding photography by Mary Elam

Sarah, Chrissie & Kelly's dresses were made from a linen blend fabric with light cotton voile lining. They were inspired by sixties mod style and had long sleeves and bold colour blocking, with handy pockets hidden in the front seams.



From Abra:

I met Ali online when I was desperately trying to find bridesmaids dresses for my wedding in the Spring of 2013. At first I just told the girls to find a vintage 60’s dress in either pink, orange, or yellow. That was proving more difficult than I thought it would be. So I was hunting on Etsy on a daily basis. I was trying all sorts of search terms and combinations. I honestly don’t remember what I used when I found Ali’s page. But there was the perfect dress; the Chelsea long sleeve colour block mod dress. I took a chance and asked if she could custom make the dresses. She said she could. She also sent a bunch of sketches of variation on a theme, but I went with the original design. We immediately started a great relationship going back and forth on fabric and color choices and updates on the progress of the dresses. She mailed me samples of the fabric before proceeding. Keep in mind, the whole time she was also moving house and planning her own wedding! Anyway, the dresses were ready about a month and a half before the wedding. It gave the girls enough time to have the dresses slightly altered here in Texas before the wedding. If I had gotten with Ali earlier, I have no doubt she would have been happy for me to mail them back for her to do the altering. They were well made and inexpensive enough that I gave the dresses as the bridesmaids gifts. The dresses really added to the overall feeling of the wedding. My wedding would not have been as great if it weren’t for Ali!